Ladies Bike Ride Challenge – Saturday 1st July

2017 will be the 6th year for this ever popular event.  Each year we have had in the region of 100 women take part in a cycle ride to Brighton/Newhaven and back over a weekend.

This year the Ladies event day has a selection of 4 options: –

Option 1 – 100 Mile bike ride from Gosport to Worthing and back, via the New Oaks Lodge in Pagham.

Option 2 – 60 Mile Bike Ride from Gosport to Pagham and back to Gosport.

Option 3 – 30 Mile Bike Ride, Gosport to Pagham, 30 mile Walk/Run Pagham to Gosport.

Option 4 – Be transported to Pagham and Walk/Run 30 Miles back to Gosport.