Oakley Waterman Caravan Foundation

The Oakley Waterman Caravan Foundation

Providing holiday homes for children suffering from life threatening conditions.

The Families

Oakley Waterman Caravan Foundation

The Lodge at Churchfarm Holiday Village where families with sick children can spend quality time together. If you know of a family who would benefit then please contact us.

Alice Bell

We took my servilely disabled brother to church farm in june this year they were great with him as my brother has austim and hate being near loads of people it was lovely their and some great dog walks

childrens charity Hampshire

childrens charity Hampshire

Rafferty Harbour

Meet Rafferty Harbour.. one of our amazing little heroes...

He was diagnosed with an exomphalos (stomach and bowel outside). That was operated on day one of life. He weighed nearly 11lbs and was diagnosed that day with Beckwith Weideman Syndrome (BWS)

He then couldn't breathe properly as his tongue caused him airway issues. He had a nasal airway inserted to keep his airway open, he also wouldn't suck or eat anything due to the size of his tongue so he had an NG Inserted. He developed lots of chest infections and aspiration pneumonia.

He's had his tongue reduced which has helped his eating, breathing etc. He is monitored every 6 weeks for cancer as he's at a much greater risk at getting it, especially in the kidneys.

He's got his next operation in November for urology issues, and they want to operate on his tear ducts as he gets lots of eye infections.

childrens charity Hampshire

Go gold for childhood cancer awareness!! For our little super Heroes like Ruby who is now battling cancer for the 2nd time!! Continue kicking ass Ruby!!

Thank you for a fantastic holiday at Church Farm - Harry and Oliver loved it! Love from Matt, Debbie, Harry and Oliver Gaut x

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